View my music video montage.

SHINE (Chris Dane Owens) - Chris Dane Owens. 2007
WHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT PEACE...(Chris Dane Owens) - Chris Dane Owens. 2004
I DIED IN YOUR EYES LAST NIGHT (Jessika Hallett) - Mother Nature Music. 2003
YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE THIS WAY - Freebo Music. 1999.
BAD STONE(Crystal Method) - Momma's Boy Productions. 1998
WHO WANTS TO BE YOUR LOVER (Jimmy James) - Built-D Media. 1998
FROM A DISTANCE (Larry Dean) - Larry Dean and the Shooters.1995
AL B. SURE, ROGER AND ZAP - BET (live music performances). 1986
LADY LIFEGUARD No Problem - Khailli Records and Tapes.1983