"Fishy" is a 12 minute High Definition short directed by Laurie Epstien, who I know from "Curb Your Enthusiasm." We shot the piece in three days on the Sony F900 HD camera, with a color eyepiece (wow, if you haven't tried one of these color eyepieces, they're awesome!). Boy meets fish

Although this was Laurie's directorial debut, she had her vision for the piece firmly in mind.
Steve Koren, who's credits include SNL, Seinfeld and "Bruce Almighty" wrote the script.

Photo by Francis Beidenbach

Fishy is a story about Billy, a little boy who wants a dog. Mom gets him a fish instead and things go in an unexpected direction from there.

Susan Yeagley plays 'mom', Andy Pessoa plays 'Billy' and Steve Koren plays 'dad.'

Nicole Ettinger produced the project. Jeff Shapiro and Alan Hecht, aka Common Law Cousins Productions served as executive producers. Jeff and Alan own 'Worldwide Broadcast Services' a full service video camera rental house and post production facility. The 'Cousins' supplied the equipment and post production.

Heather Kaplan was the co-producer and Holly Proffit did an excellent job as production designer.

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