Bury Me in Kern County

Bury Me in Kern County Is was directed by Julien Nitzberg. It's a "White Trash Black Comedy" involving some dopey people making stupid decisions. The film gets funnier by the minute, while somehow, the characters get more loveable.

The film, which stars Mary Lynn Rajskub (from '24') won second place at the 1998 SXSW Film Festival, and was accepted into the Toranto film festival. It also screened at Moxie in 1999.

I was brought in as the "closer" DP on this project. Julien needed some extensive reshoots and added some scenes, and I came in and fixed the trouble spots and created a look for the climatic courtroom scene.

Working on "Kern County" was a great experience, not only because I worked with Julien, but it required me to make cinematic additions to the film in some instances while matching an existing style in other instances. Negotiations for distribution are under way.

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