Kung Fu Kitchen

A truely twisted take on a classic story line, "Kung Fu Kitchen" takes place in the restaurant of Master Wu, who's business is lacking - despite great food with a unique presentation - because he doesn't have a ginger sauce. His chef Ernie however, is comitted to make the sauce from Wu's ancient family recipe, even though it's enchanted. Ernie looks for the Ghost with the bad teeth

As he's cooking overnight, Ernie is visited by three demons who through deception, cunning and (you guessed it) Kung Fu, try to thwart him.

Fu Ling Exterior

Dean Noble wrote and directed KFK. We shot it over 5 days/nights at an abandoned Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. It's a spoof on Kung Fu movies, with a clever story line and good characters. The authentic location facilitated some really nice lighting opportunities and the story and characters work very well.

Dean's on his sound mix. He plans on entering KFK in a variety of film festivals, hoping to continue the acclaim his first short "The Feed" recieved.

The November issue of Millimeter Magazine published a feature story on low budget production, including interviews with Dean and me and printed some pictures of the production of Kung Fu Kitchen. The November issue came out in December. There's an on-line version of the magazine, but it doesn't include the article. Click here for text of the article
Millimeter Page

That's me in the center, Dean, Craig (forground) and Jason in the left hand photo. Click on the image for a closer look at the photo.

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