Kings of the Evening

Principle photography on the featur film version of "Kings of the Evening" was shot in Bartlett, TX (just outside of Austin) in April of 2007.

The 'teaser' trailer is available by clicking here .
This was a project for the Producer's Guild of America "Producers Lab", which is a workshop in which guild producers develop, fund and shoot projects. Jimmy Perez-Gillespie produced the project. Andrew Jones directed the piece which was written by his father, Paige Jones.

The Girl

The Contest

The story is an adaptation of true events which originated in South Africa. Impoverished South African men would enter fashion contests for a $6.00 cash prize. Local residents would pay $.50 eash to watch.
In an era were black men were not able to afford decent clothes, these contests were real acts of defiance against oppression. "Kings of the Evening" takes place in depression era Chicago.
We shot "Kings of the Evening" on 35mm with Kodak 5218 stock. Andrew and I made the decision to allow the shadows to be very deep to accomplish a dimly light, period look which would give the feeling of poverty, while the bright colors of the clothing and the warmth of the lighting would celebrate the optimism of the of the people.

Showin' Off

The project was very well received by the Producers at the Producer's guild.

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