Becoming a Nightmare

"Becoming a Nightmare" was an 20 minute independent MOS short indended as a director's calling card. It looks very much like an early Cohen Brothers film. There were two main locations: an ally in downtown LA (permits? what permits?)and the inside of a warehouse.

Both locations allowed me to accomplish some dramatic lighting. The film is essentially a nighttime chase through an ally and a warehouse, so I lit the piece with a hyped realism, imagining what the locations would look like in real life and creating a high key verson of that look.

The killer is revealed by the light of a match as he lights a cigarette after he identifies his target. He's then revealed by the flashing amber light of a "walk" light on the street as he lowers his gun to shoot. I lit the ally as if there were only a couple streetlamps, and maybe some fill light from windows.

In the warehouse, I mixed blue and orange light to paint the and products which were stored in stacks on palets, leaveing much of the frame dark sohe actors to move in and out of the light, supporting their discomfort with the surroundings.

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