We shot Fastlane (aka "Random Acts of Violence) in January, 1999. The Gutter Brothers (Drew Bell and Jefferson Langley)are very determined filmmakers who create the same atmosphere on set as is called for in the scene, which gives the actors real stimulus to use in their performances.

The cast includes Brian Klugman, Alex Solowitz, A.J. Buckley, Dave Ruby, Esteban Powell,  Rainbow Borden and Craig Shaynak all of whom have been seen in major motion pictures, television series and national television commercials.

Jefferson Dies
Bowling Ally One of the highlights is the sound track. Composer Djemal Chergui wrote a complete, original music track, which emphasized every beat in the film.

Fastlane is a Generation X film noir thriller. We chose to avoid some of the trendy independent film clichés, and opted to make the film look as well produced as possible, while keeping the gritty, kinetic look which the script required.

Random Acts of Violence was an Official Selection at the 1999 Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles and premiered to a packed house in Los Angeles.

Fastlane was also an Official Selection in the 2000 Slam Dunk Festival, and screened in January at Harry O's in Park City, UT during the Sundance Festival.

The Asylum is distributing the film worldwide on DVD and video.

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