North American Smoker

This is the first in a series of short films by Patrick Lacho. "Smoker" is a spoof on a National Geographic style documentary, which examines the plight of the smoker, whose habitat is being eroded away by those pesky fitness nuts.

This was a guerilla shoot if ever there was one. We even snuck in to the offices of a major Hollywood studio (I'm not telling which one) and had to talk our way out of being kicked out of the back of an office building half way through the shoot.


The second installment of The Urban Jungle is The Great American Office Worker which examines the lives of a familiar member of North American Society.

Ranger Jim The North American Smoker and The Great American Office Worker are playing together in Los Angeles as part of the New York International Independent Film/video Festival .

The screenings are on Tuesday, December 4th, 6 P.M. At THE VOGUE Theater 6675 Hollywood Blvd. Tickets are available through the website: or by phone at 1-866-468-7619.

The North American Smoker can currently be seen on Iflims.

The official website for the Urban Jungle series is

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