No Strings Attached

This short, written by Kelly L. Byrne and directed by Andrew P. Jones, is a really cute twist on the "Princess and the Toad" fairy tale. There's something odd about Lanie's relationship to Willy, and it's not just because he's a puppet.

In fact, Willy being a puppet might not be the odd part of the relationship.
Lanie and Willy kiss
The dashing Willy Andrew designed and created Willy, and David Fedele operated and voiced him. This was my second collaboration with David and Andrew on a project involving puppets. Deanna Raphael played Lanie.

The indespensible Charles Forsgren was was the gaffer, grip, electrician, sound mixer and I think he catered one day. The film ws shot on location in Los Angeles and San Diego with the hopes of some short film festival exposure.

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