Great American Office Worker

This is the second installment of Patrick Lacho's Urban Jungle series.

With this edition, we moved up from 16mm to 35mm and increased our production values dramaticly. We used a Chapman Lenny Arm and Hot Gears which allowed us to move the camera quickly and smoothly.

Where The North American Smoker was shot guerilla style - with minimal crew and lighting, on Office Worker, we brought in Gaffer Alan Backstrom, a complete lighting package and a grip crew.

Patrick secured an entire floor of an office building, where were able to set up cubicles, conference rooms and other sets. Outstanding set design, casting, acting and directing makes this a very funny piece
Office Worker one sheet

The Great American Office Worker and The North American Smoker played together in Los Angeles at The Vogue Theater in December, 2001 as part of the New York International Independent Film/video Festival .

The Great American Office Worker also screened at the Austin Film Festival in October, 2000, at the Oceanside (California) Film Festival and the La Boca Del Lobo in Madrid.

Office Worker can currently be seen on Ifilm.

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